Does pepper spray work for self defense?

In most of the self-defense classes that I teach are mostly based on the tools that we should have at hand to assist us when we are abruptly attacked. I normally get several questions about the things one should carry with them to help them be prepared. For as much you may need to carry a defense tool, training is much more necessary since there is no need to carry a tool which you can’t use in times of attack. One of the commonly used self-defense tools is pepper spray.

So why use pepper spray?

Pepper spray is one of the most effective self-defense tools. It provides the best alternative for people who are not comfortable with carrying stun guns. You can get more information about picking the best pepper spray on this page. According to Chris E McGoey, pepper spray contains Oleoresin Capsicum(OC) which is an inflammatory agent. When the victim is exposed to OC, it causes the mucous membranes to swell. The eyes will swell shut hence causing temporary blindness. The skin also experiences a burning sensation, and the throat constricts. The effects of OC are usually temporally lasting for about ten to forty-five minutes. The residual effects can last for hours.

When should one use pepper spray?

Pepper spray should only be used for self-defense purpose. You should not use it for other reasons such as protecting your property or spraying someone you hate. Be aware that if you misuse it, you can be held liable by the court of law and charged with assault or battery.

It vital to have a self-defense tool if you get from work late, and you are afraid to walk to your car or when a person is stalking you, and you are afraid. Pepper spray will give you time to escape and call the police. Be careful when spraying your attacker not to get some blow back exposure. Before using the spray, you should read the warning so as to avoid side effects.

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